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Grease Gone Grease Gone Grease Gone Grease Gone


  • Grease Gone® eliminates undesirable odours from grease traps.

  • Grease Gone® is a chemical free, biological treatment for
    grease traps.

  • Grease Gone® is efficient, effective and safe for the
    environment, as it will actually digest common pollutants.

  • Grease Gone® is suitable for residential, institutional and commercial / food retail use. (Originally designed for industrial and municipal waste treatment facilities, now anyone can use it.)

  • To prevent grease trap build up, make Grease Gone® part of
    your cleaning or maintenance routine.

  • Grease Gone® is one of the Septic Care® range of products.


Grease Gone

One 7 gram water soluble sachet will treat 1,000 litres or 250 meal equivalent.
Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre Ltd.This product has been independently tested by Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre Ltd. and proven to reduce oil and grease content in a typical grease trap waste by up to 75%


Grease Gone® uses natural eco-friendly bacteria to ‘eat away’ at blockages. The bacteria will not pollute waterways and are safe for water and
plant life. It reduces pump out frequency by digesting fats, oil and grease.

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Grease Gone Grease Gone Grease Gone
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