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Grease Gone Grease Gone Grease Gone Grease Gone

Information about Grease Gone®


A simple and effective DIY bio-augmentation program for residential or commercial grease traps.

At the heart of this program is our unique microbial based product containing 60 different strains of grease eating bacteria encapsulated in water soluble pre-measured dose sachets.

The select microbial species that comprise this formula are highly efficient at producing hydrolytic enzymes to catalyse the hydrolysis of grease, fats, proteins and starches resulting in trouble-free grease traps!

Our formula contains proprietary species that are effective under a wide range of environmental conditions.  They have the ability to bio-degrade difficult substances such as phenols, detergents, alcohols, hydro-carbons, ligno-cellulose, organic solvents and a broad range of aliphatic and aromatic compounds.

Aside from being efficacious our microbial augmentation program is extremely cost effective, safe and environmentally responsible.  When used as directed it reduces the volume of grease thereby reducing the need for costly pump-outs.

In addition, the grease trap program will dramatically reduce the number of blockages and back-ups incurred within the secondary lines.

One 7 gram water soluble sachet will treat 1,000 litres or 250 meal equivalent.
Active Ingredients

The 60 strains of selected bacteria are highly efficient at producing hydrolytic enzymes to catalyse the hydrolysis of grease, oils, fats, (lipases) proteins, (proteases) starches (amylases) and cellulose and ligno-cellulose (cellulases) @ a minimum concentration of 5 billion CFU per gram.

Storage and Handling

Shelf life – 3 years. Store in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

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Grease Gone Grease Gone Grease Gone
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